System Reference Document v3.5 (SRD)

This System Reference Document is derived from the original SRD files created by Wizards of the Coast. It is a conversion of the original RTF to an HTML/XML format. In the process, the material has been re-organized, but as much as possible, the original text has been preserved.


Navigating the SRD

This version of the SRD has a number of navigation tools:

Next and Previous: Each page has [Next] and [Previous] links that allow you to navigate through the SRD like a book. These links take you to the next or previous page in sequential order.

Breadcrumbs: The top of each page has a list of breadcrumbs, indicating the location of the current page. These breadcrumbs include the chapter, section and subsection containing the current topic. The breadcrumbs are links to the appropriate chapter. The SRD link goes back to the main table of contents.

Subtopics: Many top-level pages contain a list of subtopics. Links to these subtopics can be found at the bottom of the page.

Contextual Links: Many keywords in the SRD have been hyperlinked to go to the appropriate page.

Changes from the Official SRD

There have been numerous minor formatting changes in converting the original SRD to a web format. This includes the addition of official errata, correcting typographic errors and reorganizing some tables. Each individual topic, such as a specific spell or class, has be split into is own file.

Where possible, the contents and topic order have been preserved from the original SRD. There are two major exceptions:

If you discover any errors in this SRD, please contact the editor, Paul Strack, so that they may be corrected for the next release.